Uni Assignment Environments





Some of my lighting tests and our actual animation :)

We finished our animation short on time and I’m pretty happy with my contribution. In an ideal world I would have liked more time to work on the lighting as it ended up having to be changed last minute as the middle section of the animation wasn’t ready to be lit. My director asked me to lend my beginning and end lighting together for the centre but this meant the fox isn’t lit correctly and neither are the houses he’s bouncing in front of. It also meant that my beginning lighting changed a great deal and was suddenly a lot lighter than anticipated and I could no longer use a ramp to desaturated the skydome texture. But I do feel that the brighter version blended into the rest of the animation better that way and our piece is so fast paced that the transition from dark to bright would have perhaps been too much.

This is the beginning section before the lighting had to be changed. We all preferred this setup but time constraints dictated the outcome in the end.

Here are a couple of examples for my ending lighting and rendering:

I really love how they look. I’ll include further breakdowns in the next post. So we made a bump which is a little animation intended for specific channels to fit in between tv shows and adverts. Our target audience are children of around 8-10 years old and this would fit between their shows and the ad breaks.  Here’s a link to our bump:

Second Year Group Project Main Character

This is our cute main character Poppy.  She has made me fall in love with stylised character design.
There were many challenges making her such as hair solutions and how to make her skirt but I’ve overcome them and learnt a lot through this process.

Second Year Group Project

Here is my giraffe model and texture for my group project at uni. The initial design is by my friend Ruby-May.

It was honestly so much fun modelling and painting this giraffe with its lovely colourful design.

The fox was textured and designed by Ruby-May and modeled and uved by me. I need to make a displacement for it too so that it has fur.

Skater Project WIP

Wow making this blog post makes me realize how much this character has changed from my original concept! So this was how I originally wanted him to look. Kinda a pretty boy really. His face, hair and clothes have completely altered. I do think the version further down this page is better in some respects though. I think I was going for a plainer looking guy eventually. I didn’t like the look of the vest when I sculpted it either. A jacket seemed harder and so more fun.

This was the character initially but after this the face changed a whole lot.

Here’s the original base meshes for the clothes before I revamped him.

Here he has fibremesh eyebrows, eyelashes and sideburns. He’s going to be game res so these were just placeholders because I don’t like looking at my characters bald.

I really enjoy sculpting shoes and boots for some reason so I spent a lot of effort getting these to look nice. I’ll probably scuff them up in the final textures. Pretty much everything is a separate mesh.

Even though his body will never be seen now he still does have one.

I added a zip with the insert mesh brush

I made my bag after being inspired by Naughty Dogs Last of Us bags

This is the inital polypaint version of my bag – might be a bit busy

Update on the face with pores, lines and eyebrows

Photo 08-04-2014 02 09 31 Photo 08-04-2014 02 09 22 Photo 08-04-2014 02 19 09

2nd Year project – self sculpt

Here’s a pic of me! There is a point to this…we had to make a self sculpt in our first sculpting class this year.
I actually knew we were gonna be doing this so I made it before class. It wasn’t an assignment (more like an intro to sculpting). I do intend to finish this one as I’ve always wanted to make a realistic sculpt. I’ll make a realistic eye texture for this too and probably make the hair in maya. I think I’ll  use mental ray’s miss skin shader and have a good play with the sub dermal settings. I’ve clearly fudged this somewhat with polypainting but it does look like me :)

We’re meant to eventually caricature ourselves…that’ll be fun :/

CGworkshops Katon Calloway course

I enrolled on a cgworkshop run by Katon Calloway from Sony Santa Monica. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone. It’s a game character modelling course. She was made a while back and remains unfinished. I learnt a lot of techniques on this course and through it I now use xnormal and various techniques he used during the course. The beads were a pain to make as back then curves and insert mesh brushes weren’t available so I had to position each separately. If I were to do it now it would be really easy. All I would need to do is create a simple mesh to wrap around the wrists where the beads should go and make an insert mesh brush with all the meshes I require in them. I love the new features in Zbrush 4r6.

 This character was based on a Guild Wars Elementalist (I think). She’s a pretty cool character and I’m mostly happy with it.

Looking back at this model I would lengthen the legs and make her a tad more graceful.

I good method for creating simple tattoos in Zbrush is to draw them as a mask within a layer and then you can paint within them.

 I did get as far as retopology on the character which was full of issues but considering I’d never used Zbrush until I started this course and I was working full-time I feel I handled it all rather well.

I used decimation master as a starter for retopologizing the shoulder piece. Now it might be easier to use zrememsher but I do feel decimation master still has a place.

WIP sculpts and portfolio work before going to university

This is a character I’ve put to one side for now but she did develop somewhat. My initial concept is below. Basically, she’s a pirate but I wanted her to have a very soft look to her. Below are the orthos I made as I did want to sculpt her.

 Above is the beginning of her face sculpt minus ears, clearly. The face doesn’t quite match up to my orthos yet but I kinda like it tbh. Sometimes my work looks better and develops further during the 3d process rather than via 2d.
I then made various pieces of clothing for her. I really enjoyed making her boots. They’re made of various pieces.

I made this quick spitsculpt because I was trying to decide how to do my makeup for halloween. I considered going as Harley Quinn or at least that was my inspiration. She rapidly became much creepier looking as I’m want to make characters (I enjoy horror themes too much). I definetly want to take this character further but would make many changes to her. I like the direction the eyes are going as they look a bit demonic. I would want to wrinkle her up further and maybe remove the bright red shades. I think I want to look at the character in the basement in the first season of American Horror Story (love that show!) for further ideas on how to make a truly terrifying face.

I’m a massive Game of Thrones fan and during the first season, before we had a proper look at the white walkers, I tried to envision what they could possibly look like. I hadn’t started the books yet either at this point but I actually really like this sculpt. It’s not finished but as an idea or piece of concept work I like it. 
I played with texturing techniques to create a mottled veiny like skin and I think my methods have mainly been successful here. 

WIP various paintings

As a kid I loved the trilogy by Garth Nix called ‘Sabriel’, ‘Lirael’ and ‘Abhorsen’. I wanted to try and create one of the locations in the first book ‘Sabriel’. It’s called Cloven Crest and I had an image in my head of it high up with the fading light picking it out from the sky behind it. I wanted it to look ominous as it’s a dangerous place but it’s also a place of magic and the character must travel there to as a place to pass into the realm of death. My first version was quite balanced but didn’t feel right to me. It wasn’t really how I’d pictured it when I was reading the book. However I really like the second version and I intend to take it further by adding in dead soldiers around the path and the main character herself casting magical symbols into the air. I accidentally saved over my high res version which irritated me greatly. I guess that’s a lesson in making multiple saves.

1st year modelling assignment

This was of course my favourite assignment and was one of the earliest. I loved it! I also got my best mark here which was 92 out of 100. Basically, we had to find reference images online of a character from animations, cartoons or comic books. We had a poly count limitation which I kept to really well. I originally wanted to model rogue from X-men as I think she’s a great character but I couldn’t find orthographic drawings of a version I liked. Instead I went with Big Barda from DC comics. She’s a pretty cool character in that she’s super strong and really tall. As with all comic book characters there were many versions of her drawn by different artists but I decided to go with a version from the cartoon DC Animated Universe. I’m merely showing screenshots rather than full renders as it wasn’t necessary for the assignment. I did make a very guerilla style rig to push her into a pose I found from other reference that I liked too. I basically didn’t mind which I was marked on and did this merely because I wanted to.

I’ve since decided to take her into Zbrush and have a play. She has changed slightly and I have started a very basic polypaint. I intend to completely finish a game res version with all my maps and render it in marmoset.

 I intend to create a scale texture for her, uv her body and add it as a texture in zbrush, mask using an alpha of that texture and inflate. I suppose I could do this as a bump in maya but I want more control over it than that.