Specialist Project

So our final assignment of the 2nd year is a research project and I chose concept art as my research topic. I looked into how ideas can be generated, into the masters with an emphasis on Vermeer, I looked into the behavior of light and colour and briefly looked into composition. The work I’ve produced for the assignment is not of a polished quality as it is a research assignment so the main aspect is clearly research. I do feel my research has informed my work though and the idea of light was always at the back of my mind when painting.

So firstly I did some value thumbnails to try and work out a composition for my first piece which I wanted to be an interior:


At first I wanted to make a library of some sorts but then I looked at the concepts made for Deus Ex and decided to simplify and go for a bedroom or studio apartment of some description.

This is the painting so far:



I wanted blue to be a big part of the composition but I also wanted to balance it with warmer tones and I’m always drawn to creamy peachy shades. The main impression I wanted to create was of a sense of soft glowy light and I think the reflective nature of the room really helps with that as reflective surfaces help to bounce light around. There are erros in the painting such as the seats of the chairs – they should be well lit from the lights overhead and there should also be specular reflections on the domes above the chairs and possibly a more diffused reflection on them also. However, even without these elements I feel I have created an idea for a room that could work in 3d and that gets across an impression of colour, lighting and texture. I intend to fully realise the image in 3d rather than 2d as I’m most excited to do that.

My second image is a cityscape. I wanted to try and create lighting reminiscent of the magic hour. I painted the sky first so the whole colour scheme is based around the colours used in the sky. Though I wanted an image that could fit within the sci-fi genre I did not want a typically grey, cold desolate looking modern city. I wanted to use warm colours and I think I’ve managed to achieve a city that doesn’t look totally current but looks like it’s not a million miles away into the future.



Lastly I went back to exploring idea generation and tried the method of laying down various brushed in greyscale until you  start to see something in the image that you can work with. I then used gradients and layer blending modes to create rough starter paintings that could be taken further at some stage.

shipwreck forest

New WIP in between assignments

Current wip:

Stylised or realistic version of this character so far? I’m not sure which I’ll go with. She’s gonna be a kickboxer:

not real realbod


Miss fortune from League of Legends (or she will be when she’s done)


Photo 08-04-2014 02 08 01 Photo 08-04-2014 02 08 04 Photo 08-04-2014 02 07 54 Photo 08-04-2014 02 07 50

Speedsculpt of Ezra Miller I made for a demo for my coursmates. I’d like to take it further, maybe go for a realistic final render:

Photo 08-04-2014 02 18 41

Some simple armour designs. I guess they’re along the lines of games like Oblivion:

Photo 08-04-2014 02 08 18 Photo 08-04-2014 02 08 21

And a little dude I’m working on as part of a group. We’re gonna be entering a competition and my director wanted me to make a version of the character that he can make a pre vis animation with.


Environment Modelling WIP

Some WIP environments that I’m gonna try and get done once my animation assignment is handed in.

Japanese House:



Namco Sweetland – Japanese Sweet Machine: It has a transparent plastic dome above it.


An interior wip of a church taken from reference of St Thomas’ church in Salisbury:


Still life – Compositing Assignment


This is a still life compositing assignment for my course at NCCA at Bournemouth University. The brief was that we were to take a still life painter’s work as inspiration and try and create a cg version that tries to recreate the lighting, colours and composition. I chose Willem Caesz. I modelled all but the lemons and bread as they were a late addition and the bread was the only thing I did not texture. I spent a lot of time trying to get the glass goblet shader to look how I wanted it to look as I wanted coloured glass that had texture to it. I love how it came out and once the cg elements were integrated into the backplate in the compositing stage I was really happy with it. I added a glow node right at the end of the compositing process as I feel the lemons are the focal point of the piece and, though they are not so realistic looking now, I feel they add a painterly feel which is what was required of the assignment. Turns out I love compositing :)  The lemons and the bread for the piece were obtained from Digital Tutors and specifically from Sharlene Lin. I also created the backplate and a hdri panoramic to light my objects.FinalGLowLemonGrade








Uni environment finished


This was the environment iterations that I made for the project:



And this was the final version that I ended up going with:



My favourite was actually the one with the turquoise sky and strange cactus type trees to the left but for my game idea this more moody looking environment suited the piece more.


Cyborg Character Assignment


The front ortho of my cyborg character for a uni assignment. I’m gonna add something to the end of the weapon as I’m not sure what it is yet.



My model turnaround which I’ll later detail the heck outta but was at a level compatible with the assignment:


The model sheet I used to make the sculpt from:



And some facial expressions:




my final character concept in colour:


And finally my character iterations from a given artist’s work to my final concept above.




Priestess wireframe, diffuse and normal

I’ve finished sculpting out feathers, transfering my polypaint and normals from Zbrush and painted my alphas. I need to bake out some AO and finish her turntable and then I’ll render her out again. Here’s the version without the wireframe:


And then the wireframe:


And here’s a Zbrush render of the high poly a made a little while back:



Some of my maps for one tile:






Couple of places still to correct like the mouth. Also need to render out ao on the feathers as I forgot to add them and paint hair texture for the top of the head so it matches the dreads.


For one of my assignments at uni we have to make 10 iterations of a character from the starting point of another artist’s work. We were given a list of artists and I chose Giorgio De Chirico. My initial drawings were just for ideas to try and get some inspiration – I’m gonna make a cyborg or robotic character I think.



These are my iterations so far:



Priestess Character Wireframe

So I have a character I based off of Mayan culture but with modifications (such as the mental bodice thing she’s wearing!) I love this character and I think of her as a Mayan priestess. I’ve modelled her an obsidian dagger that she’ll hold when I’ve finished with my rig. There are images of her high poly further down in the blog. I’m making quite a complicated game rig so that I can play with animating her later on rather than just a rig that would suffice for posing like I’d initially intended.

I like her topology – I think the poly count isn’t bad (10787); it certainly could have been higher but I don’t feel it was necessary. I initially mirrored areas of the character that were identical and baked out all my maps but Maya was giving me strange errors that appeared to be unfixable so I’ve resorted to re-uving some areas again last night and I’ll rebake the maps today. Hopefully she’ll be rigged, weight painted, have her maps baked, have eyes, be posed and holding her dagger by the end of the day so I can render out a turntable in Maya.

The skater character is retopologized also and he has a turntable and a skateboard modelled but I’ll finish this one first and work on my uni assignments before coming back to him.



Traditional sketches and studies


Photo 03-01-2014 16 16 09 Photo 03-01-2014 16 16 14 Photo 03-01-2014 16 20 08 Photo 03-01-2014 16 20 02

Photo 03-01-2014 16 16 31 Photo 03-01-2014 16 17 57 Photo 03-01-2014 16 18 26 Photo 03-01-2014 16 18 36 Photo 03-01-2014 16 15 06 Photo 03-01-2014 16 18 48

Photo 08-04-2014 02 16 42 Photo 03-01-2014 16 24 56 Photo 03-01-2014 16 21 57 Photo 03-01-2014 16 22 08

Photo 03-01-2014 16 24 45 Photo 08-04-2014 02 16 57

Photo 03-01-2014 16 18 56 Photo 03-01-2014 16 19 00


20121218_214418 20121218_214502skullSketch

Self portraits:

Photo 03-01-2014 16 17 45 Photo 03-01-2014 16 15 28